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yachts, super-yachts and small crafts

Our technical staff is able to assist Insurers and Owners in determining the cause and extent of any damage sustained by yachts and accurately assess the cost of the repairs. We also deal with the shipyards and workshops to negotiate repairy bills if necessary.


The type of surveys we carry out include:

Structural Damages, Groundings, Collisions and Towage

The inmediate intervention of a surveyor is a must in these type of matters. We do not only ascertain the cause and extent of the damage, but also we collect evidence and give technical advise in respect of the best possible ways to repair or refloat any yacht, towing it to a safe berth or removing any wreck. We also assist our principals in negotiating the repairs bills with the shipyards and workshops as well as the services of any towing company.

We have the necessary equipment to perform robotic filmed underwater inspections, either to inspect damaged hulls, pipelines, quays, etc, or to check any wreck between 1 and 120 meters depth. We can also perform robotic inspections up to 500 meters depth at a very competitive tariffs. This type of inspection is very useful not only to assess the existence or extent of a mechanical damage, but also as a precautionary measure to know the condition of the hull before going to dry-dock.

Underwater inspections

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