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Marine Surveys

We have a team of Experts and Surveyors from various backgrounds including Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects and Nautical Experts with long experince in dry-dock and provisional repairs, collisions, groundings, spillages, transhipments as well as any normal operation such as loading, discharge, transhipments, top-off, etc. 


The type of surveys we carry out include:

P&I Surveys

We carry out surveys and investigations on every type of P&I matter, from a single fallen container unit up to a major casualty. Day to day we deal with sea water ingress in holds, damage to cargo, pre-entry survey, leakage, spillage, flooding, fire, grounding, cargo contamination, shortage and pilferage matters, in which we ascertain the cause and the extent of the damage/shortage and advise our clients on the best possible way to solve any problem. We act always on stricklty without prejudice basis, with a very commited and pro-active attitude in finding the best way to mitigate any loss.

Draft surveys and weightbridge scale controls

The draft survey calculation is the most common way of determining the weight of any bulk cargo loaded on board of, or discharged from, a vessel. The accuracy of a draft survey mostly depends upon the expertise of the person in charge of reading the drafts, during the initial and final draft survey, as the sea conditions can difficult this task. Also the way in which the values stated in the hydrostatic tables are considered will be reflected in the results of the calculations. Our experts carry out the most accurate draft surveys taking into consideration every natural and physic factor and we provide our clients with the relevant certificates and the supporting documents and data collected during our attendances. If requested, we can also perform weightbridge scale controls.

Underwater inspections

We have the necessary equipment to perform robotic filmed underwater inspections, in clear and calm waters, either to inspect damaged hulls, pipelines, quays, etc or to check any wreck between 1 and 120 meters depth. We can also perform robotic inspections up to 500 meters depth.

Bunker Surveys

A bunker survey is crucial in order to avoid discrepancies between the quantities contracted and the quantities of fuel received. It is also useful to calculate consumption figures and study the performance of a fleet. If it is necessary, we can assist the Masters in writing the most conveninent remarks in the receipts in order to protect the interests of our principals.

Supervision and monitoring of loading and discharge operations. Hatch sealing/unsealing Certificates

With more than 20 years experience in the field, our staff is able to carefully supervise and monitor loading and discharge opertaions for practically any kind of cargo (containers, bulk, liquid, project, vehicle, palletized, etc, either in LO-LO, RO-RO or multimodal vessels). If requested we can also provide you with the relevant Certificates for sealing or unsealing of the hatches.

On-Off hire, pre-purchase and pre-entry condition surveys

Following our principals requirements, we can perform from quick to very detailed on-hire, off-hire and pre-purchase surveys. We determine the real condition of the vessels to be aquired or chartered and provide you with a documented independent proof of its real condition, providing our clients with a detailed report that can become an irreplaceble proof to defend any claim that may arise as a result of damage to the vessel or cargo.





Our best technicians supervise project cargo operations, assessing the condition of the parts, its handling and loading, as well as the lashing, and the way and position in which they must be stowed and secured on board.

Project Cargoes & Heavy Lifts

Groundings and collisions and General Averages

The inmediate intervention of a surveyor is a must in these matters. We do not only ascertain the cause of the incident, but we also collect evidence and give technical advise in respect of the best possible ways to refloat vessels, removing any wreck or transferring cargoes into another vessel or barges. In the main ports of the countries in which we are based, we have developed contingency plans for each of these type of incidents.

Pollution - Spillages

We carry out investigations of pollution incidents, determining its cause and, if requested, its impact on the natural environment. Based on, both, the Legal and Technical aspects we also give advise to our clients to prevent these type of incidents. We monitor and coordinate cleaning operations, when necessary.

Floating and Fixed objects

Our intervention in these type of cases is not required only to determine the cause and extent of the damage sustained by fixed and floating objects like quays, jetties, pontoons, monobuoys, gantry and shore cranes, port terminal equipment and others, but also to assist our clients in determining the costs of the repairs and any consequential losses (of profit, of hire, etc).

Containers equipment

In order to stop losses as well as to maintain your equipment in good conditions, we determine the physical condition of the containers, from a 20' dry one to an IMO 1, reefers, open tops and flat-racks, all according to enforced regulations. We frequently deal with container yards and workshops, and we have external reefer and tank-tainer technicians that can assist us in any particular matter, if necessary.

Hull & Machinery

Our wide experience regarding shipyard, dry docking and provisional repairs, help us in guiding the underwriters from the very first assessment of damages up to the final negotiation of repair bills. We also carry out investigations to determine the cause of the damage/incident.

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